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2017 Guy Jeans’ Fly Fishing Guide Training School

11301 Kernville Rd, Kernville CA 93238

760 376 2040

Fly Fishing Guide Training School Contents: Tuition $4000.00

 Lunches are Included


Title of School: Professional Fly Fishing Guide Training


Instruction Format:

Presiding Instructor: Guy Jeans- professional fly fishing outfitter and guide of 16 years

International Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor and Guide
Location of school: 11301 Kernville Rd, Kernville Ca on the Kern River
Capacity: 5 students
Scheduled Course Time of Year: November 6 -15, 2017

School Description: This course is designed to train professional guides for work in the recreational fly fishing business. Generally students will be working toward a guiding position with a licensed fly fishing outfitter. It is not limited to just potential guides, but also to anglers looking to upgrade their skill set. The course design will include the deep study of fly fishing techniques of dry fly, nymphing and streamers, including Czech, Spanish, Polish, French nymphing and how to teach the different techniques. The use and techniques of maneuvering drift style boats and how to fish from them. Aquatic and terrestrial entomology will be studied as well as knot tying and leader construction. Preparation for the International Federation of Fly Fishers Casting Certification program and teaching fly casting and learning styles will be discussed. Guiding for cold water, warm water and saltwater species will be discussed and applied for guiding on rivers , lakes and saltwater beaches. Fly selection and choosing the right fly in different situations will be discussed. Tying flies for guiding, economics, marketing, ethical issues, logistics, guiding safety and first aid concepts will be discussed in the course. Also discussed will be food handling, lunch preparation and the serving and care of clients. Students will be required to guide individual anglers in different situations with varying abilities and they will be evaluated on their ability.

Required Materials:

Warm Clothing (fleece top, pants and wool socks), fly rod and reel, flies, fly tying vise, vest or pack, waders, boots, hat and polarized sunglasses
Text: Whitlock’s Guide to Aquatic Trout Foods


This school is designed for individuals with a serious interest in guiding, but it's not limited to only them. If you want to learn and get better at fly fishing and have the basics down you can take this course. We offer the following prerequisites as goals to achieve prior to enrolling in this course.

1. In good physical condition and a competent wader

2. Casting: Able to false cast accurately to 50 ft.

3. Knots: The student should be able to tie a clinch knot, surgeons knot and perfection loop in under 30 seconds each

4. Guy Jeans’ Intermediate Fly Fishing Class or equivalent

5. Being a great angler is a given when becoming a fly fishing guide. Do you really want to watch, row and teach people to fly fish?

If the answer is yes, then this is the right course for you.

Guide Training School Course Outline – Year 2017

Day One:

Check into the Kern Lodge between 3 and 5 pm  November 6, 2017
BBQ @ the Kern Lodge @ 6pm
Outline of the weeks activities

Day Two: Casting, Wading and Fishing

Day Three: Entomology, Casting Faults and Fixes

Day Four: First Aid, Mending and Nymphing Techniques

Day Five: Freestone Techniques, Tenkara,

Day Six: Guiding and Fishing Techniques, Czech, Polish, French, Spanish Nymphing

Day Seven: Casting Certification Instructor Preparation and Guiding Practice

Day Eight: Warm Water and Salt Water Fly Fishing Techniques

Day Nine: Teaching: How to Pass on Your Knowledge of Fly Fishing

Day Ten: Floating, Rowing and Fishing Strategies
6pm Evening Festivities
Dinner and BBQ @ Kern Lodge

Check out of Kern Lodge on November 16, 2017