Presentations, Clinics and Seminars

Certified Fly Casting Instructor, Guy Jeans, does multi-media presentations for various organizations about the Southern Sierra and the fly fishing opportunities in the Kern River Valley and California surf. His presentation includes the areas in and around the Southern Sierra including: Upper Kern River –Wild Trout Section, Hole in the Ground, Kern Lakes, and Grasshopper Flat in the Golden Trout Wilderness, Kern Plateau, Little Kern River, South Fork Kern River, Rock House Basin in the Domeland Wilderness, Lake Isabella, Lower Kern River and the Greenhorn Mountain Range. Topics include: local entomology and strategies for fly fishing the different areas.  
Please contact us at (760) 376-2040 for presentations, clinics and seminars.


  •  Secrets of the Kern
  •  Top 20 Freshwater Fly Fishing Mistakes
  •  Fly Fishing for River Bass
  •  Fly Fishing the California Surf
  •  Fly Casting
  •  Carp on the Fly

Media Services/Location Scouting/Technical Consulting

Guy Jeans possesses a wealth of knowledge, finely-tuned skills and 25 years of experience in the fly fishing world, which has led him to become a well-respected authority and representative of the sport. Mr. Jeans has been hired by various companies (both inside and outside of the fly-fishing arena), such as Sony and Plan B Entertainment for the motion picure "Vice" starring Christian Bale, Toyota, Satchi & Satchi, Jeep, Arctic Cat, Pelican Inc, Simms Fishing Products, Redington,, Kremer/Johnson Photography, Leave No Trace, Kern Valley Medical Center and Emedia Group to act in major films and television commercials, fly-fishing shows, photo shoots, and he also provides technical consulting on fly-fishing to film companies, media writers, photographers, outfitting manufacturers and equipment designers. Kern River Fly Fishing and Guy Jeans hold special permits to enter into the protected lands of several areas including the Sequoia National Forest, Golden Trout Wilderness and Domeland Wilderness areas. If you’re looking for an incredible outdoor location to film your next movie or television commercial, we offer location scouting into these areas and all up and down the picturesque Kern River. To inquire about hiring Guy Jeans for Media Services, Location Scouting, Technical Consulting or Acting, please contact us at (760) 376-2040.